03 février 2020

Memories of New Zealand !

For the new year 2020, we have decided to spend few weeks in the magnificient New Zealand !

First, we have landed at the famous city of Auckland, where we have practiced bungee jump at the sky tower which is 328 meters high !

It was the first time which we have done bungee jump, and it was so cool and stressful !

 The sky tower

To recover from it, we have eaten in a little coffee, where we have been served some specialities...
After, we have kept a bedroom in a hotel for ourself : we needed to rest, because the next day, we had a big day of visit !

After our breakfast at the hotel, we have gone to the north of Auckland, to visit the Bay of Islands. When we have landed at the small city of Russel : we have discovered a magical landscape ! We walked all morning until early afternoon, then we have joined our guide on the beach to dive with dolphins : they were so close to us !

Then, we have decided to visit a Maori village, it was the best place I have ever seen !
There were Maoris warriors, who are dancing and singing around a big campfire : they seemed to be doing a sacred ritual.
Also, we have eaten lamb and some vegetables cooked with Hangi !

For the night, a Maori invited us to sleep in his hut : it was so original...

 It was the time ! This night, it is the new year 2020... We are so excited !

 We have planned a big day : we have left the village in the direction of Wellington.

Over there, we have paid two places for the famous zoo of Wellington ! This one has opened in 1906 and became in 2003, a charitable foundation.

Once arrived, we have discovered many species of insects or rare birds, but, also feline or marine mammals.

After this visit, and a rather calm evening in the city center of the capital, we have joined the Oriental bay, for look the firework of the new year on the water

The sky was filled with dazzling colors and shapes ! It was so wonderful...

2020 had arrived ! Now, it was time to go to rest !

For the last day, we have decided to visit the mythical houses of Hobbits ! 
Everything was so small, the doors, the walls, the roof...

There w
ere pretty pink and yellow flowers,
then a very small path in front of the door, which was round and blue.

For our last evening, we joined Sydney and its opera, for a romantic program !
We opted for a classic Mozart opera, to finish with a candlelit dinner ...


And here we are back in France, a few days later ...
Since this trip, I am particularly playful, and happy, it has brought us a lot of positivity!
I hope you enjoyed reading our adventure in the land of kiwis!
See you soon for a new trip!


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